european vintage

Our philosophy

European Vintage is a company founded by automobile lovers.
Entrepreneur, descended from different universes, EUROPEAN VINTAGE founders have the love of the cars in common, the ones who provoke emotions, driving pleasure and aesthetic pleasure.

As the personal collections continued to expand, the idea of joining forces imposed itself almost naturally, with the will of sharing the mechanical world passion and their love of classic cars that have made a deep impression.

Our car selection obeys to many criterions dear to our car vision. They must have some character, while marking their respective epoch. We choose cars faithful to the original, with irreproachable state, in terms of both aesthetic and mechanics.

Based upon these criterions, it goes without saying that our offer should go from the “classic” FERRARI and PORSCHE to the LAND ROVER limited series, passing by the last GT3 RS and other exceptional cars, while always searching precise sensations and emotions while driving these particular cars.

Today, we would like to share this passion of beautiful automobile that mixes elegant curves and mechanical aggressivenesss, thanks to our professionalism and to the most rigorous selection.

The world’s most beautiful cars are coming up in our unique videos selection. Discover them without further delay!

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